Passaggio ~ Passage

Paesaggio ~ Landscape

Explaining my artwork to new friends, I’ve learned that, in Italian, the difference between a passage and a landscape is just an ‘e’. How do we move through a space or landscape? When we travel, what changes, and what is constant?

To explore these questions, I chose a few elements that would remain constant (color, object, dimensions) and observed how everything else changed. Again, I slowly built up transparent layers of color and balanced the unplanned by teasing shapes and depth out of space, yet each panel grew uniquely.

The forms that appear in my paintings begin as incidental occurrences, but are then delineated to balance the ephemeral. Sometimes these shapes appear organically as the paint dries, but often they are reminiscences of objects that I encounter in my passage through life. Forms intrigue and thrill me: My family knows that when I lag behind or squeal with excitement, I’ve found another shape to add to the bowl on my desk.