Artist Statement

I paint to create moments of stillness in my daily life, both in practice and product: These landscapes are borne of an intuitive, meditative process in which I instinctively balance the unplanned by selecting forms and creating spaces. Each landscape is a moment in time, captured so that the viewer can enter the space many times, experiencing it in a different way each time.

I’m inspired by landscapes that I encounter while traveling. Although I don’t paint specific locations,locations, traces of landscapes show up in my paintings: The red rocks of Uluru, the gritty sand of Hawai’i, the fog-blanketed tea plantations in Sri Lanka, the explosive geography of Iceland — these elements coalesce and dissever endlessly in my creative process.

My creative process has been influenced by Dante’s Divina Commedia, Agnes Martin’s pure, meditative prints, the improbability of Edward Gorey’s illustrations, and by the transparent layers of color in the deteriorating medieval frescoes in my home. 


Bethany Cerella’s paintings explore our movement through space and time. The subconscious memories of landscapes around the world merge to create imagined, improbable “inner spaces in correspondence with the cosmic breath.” (Fausto Lorenzi)

Born in Rhode Island in 1978, she studied studio art and painting at Randolph Macon Woman’s College and New York University. At NYU, she participated in the Venice Program, completing two thirds of her studies in Venice, Italy.

Bethany Cerella loves to travel; She has lived on four continents and visited 40 countries. Landscapes around the world have inspire her with their unique colors, shapes, forms and textures. Her experience as a yoga and meditation instructor has led to a continuous mindfulness practice. Always looking, the artist collects interesting shapes, which take form in the spaces she creates.

Bethany Cerella CV